Medical Practice Management Systems

Medical practices has been the same since the beginning of time. Patient come in, get consulted by the doctor, prescribed drugs on a paper and off they go. But, nowadays in that digital world of ours, where information is moving so fast and the need to have secure, redundant and accurate data moving across your process nodes is more paramount than ever, its high time to move to an Information System designed just for that.

And we made it!

Our in-house team developed a Medical Practice Management System named P2MS; a fully customisable, web-based, SMS enabled software to make you the next Paperless and Advanced practitioner.


  • A full blown Patients Management system with document management, visit reports, medical tests management, and followups.
  • Powerful accounting module tracking your each and every income and expense (Bills, Rents, etc) for a hassle free end-of-month and tax filling.
  • We know appointments management is a hassle. Create or Reschedule appointments in less than 5 seconds and your patient will be notified of the change by SMS, anytime anywhere.
  • Consult in several places? We manage your locations in a breeze for you to be nearer to your patients.
  • Step-by-Step Visit wizard for you not to miss any detail and capture everything from the patient’s history, to prescribed drugs and payment collected.
  • Embedded Visit Reports and Medical Certificate modules.
  • Granular Inventory management; manage inventory at each location and track their usage and be notified of should they be in low quantities.
  • And yeah, did we mention that patients can login and see their last visits? Print their prescriptions? Request Appointments? All to keep your phone, mind and brain in peace.