OasisWifi is a new product by Oasis Solutions. It enables business owners to provide Internet Connectivity to their customers through a secure and manageable WiFi connection system.

Users can have permanent accounts on the system or be given temporary access passes known as Vouchers.

The following types of Businesses are best suited for OasisWifi:

  • Restaurants
  • Snacks
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Schools
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Public Areas
  • Game Houses
  • Buses



OasisWifi uses high-end state of the art network equipment to provide secure and enterprise grade Internet Connectivity to you and your users.


To find out if you are eligible for OasisWifi, please fill in the form below, and we will get back to you.

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OasisWifi Eligibility Form

Please fill in the form below for us to assess your eligibility for OasisWifi.
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  • Internet Connectivity must be already available at the premises to be eligible for OasisWifi.
  • Please enter the average number of new users per normal working day that will use the Wifi Network.
  • Please enter the average number of users per month that will use the Wifi service.
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Terms and Conditions

OasisWifi Terms and Conditions

In the following abridged Terms and Conditions, the following nouns are used:

“We/Oasis Solutions/Us” representing Oasis Solutions and/or any official representative of Oasis Solutions,

“Customer” representing the customer or entity benefiting from Oasis Solutions’ products and/or services,

“OasisWifi” representing the Guest/WiFi network infrastructure using vouchers and/or user accounts installed at the Customer’s premises,

“Access Point” representing the physical WiFi antenna installed by Oasis Solutions at the customer’s premises to provide OasisWifi,

“Devices/Equipment” representing and networking installation (hardware) done by Oasis Solutions at the Customer’s premises including but not limited to network switches, gateways, remote access devices, single-board computers, servers, cabling works, etc,

“Voucher” representing the medium carrying the temporary code to login to OasisWifi and provide Internet Connectivity or the temporary code itself.

“Agreement” being the legal document signed between the Customer and Oasis Solutions.

  1. The customer will benefit from OasisWifi after paying a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of agreed amount to Oasis Solutions and set up a monthly direct debit to Oasis Solutions or its affiliates as agreed for the sum agreed and signed up in the Agreement.
  2. After the payment of the deposit, OasisWifi will install the Access Point at the Customer’s premises and deliver the agreed upon number of vouchers. Same number of vouchers will be delivered on an agreed upon date each month in the agreed upon format.
  3. The minimum duration of an agreement is one (1) year equating to 365 days from the signing date of the agreement. Any earlier termination by the customer, will be liable to paying the rest of the agreement term’s monthly fee for the OasisWifi service.
  4. The Access Point, network connectivity and OasisWifi is remotely managed by Oasis Solutions for any update or configuration.
  5. User activity (browsing activity) is not logged by Oasis Solutions.
  6. Oasis Solutions does its best to secure its networks but is not responsible for any data threat, data breach or misuse done using the OasisWifi solution or related infrastructure.
  7. The customer must provide the Internet Connectivity (minimum 10 Mbps Download) for OasisWifi to be installed at the location. The data caps and monthly allocation must be taken into consideration by customer before installing OasisWifi.
  8. Any dispute with the Internet Service Provider regarding any aspect of the Internet usage shall be on the sole responsibility of the customer.
  9. The Internet Connectivity from the Internet Service Provider shall be registered under the name of the customer or its legal entity, and the customer shall be the one footing the Internet Connectivity bill.
  10. Oasis Solutions is the sole owner of the devices and equipment installed at the Customer’s premises.
  11. The Customer is to ensure that the devices and equipment are not damaged or tampered with in any way or the other. Oasis Solutions reserves the right to seek legal compensation should any of its devices be damaged or tampered with.
  12. Oasis Solutions should provide support for OasisWifi services and replace devices working improperly or not working at all at its (Oasis Solutions) own cost.
  13. Oasis Solutions will be responsible for the creation and delivery of the vouchers to the customer.
  14. The terms and conditions being published on this website may be subjected to changes without notice.
  15. These terms and conditions are bound by the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Mauritius.

December 2017 – Version 1